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Questions or help with your loaner Chromebook?
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Problems with Google Meet on your Device?  
Does your device seem slow or drop off meet, follow these tips to help with your computer or loaner Chromebook performance:

1. Too many Chrome tabs open? - Each tab uses systems resources and is an open connection using your Wifi Bandwidth.  Try closing tabs you do not need open during meets or other work. 
2. Too many enabled extensions? - Enabled extensions are similar to open tabs and use both system resources and bandwidth
3. Poor Wifi? Move to a location closer to your wireless router or access point in your home.  
4. Other - When using meet, close any other applications and windows. Focus on the meet at hand only.  

Did you receive a loaner Chromebook? 
Please remember you are responsible for this device.  Your Liability Information- click HERE

No Wifi or internet access at home? 
Comcast is offering free two months of internet access during the COVID-19 response.  And at all times they offer low cost internet to qualifying families. 
For more information, click HERE
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Human-I-T is offers low cost internet via cellular hotspot. Comcast/Cable is not required.  Cellular phone service in your area is all you need. 
For more information, click HERE

Assistance finding low/free internet and computers for your home.

EveryoneOn is a service you can use to assist you in finding free or low cost internet services and low cost computers, depending on your qualifications. 
For more information, click HERE

Questions or help with your loaner Chromebook?
Contact [email protected]