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COMM Academy
Are you interested in applying for the Class of 2028?
Applications are now being accepted from incoming 9th graders.
(Do you have questions about applying? Email Mrs. Steet at [email protected])

Application Deadline: May 1, 2024

Admissions Criteria

  • Must be an incoming freshman       (in the 2024-2025 school year)

  • Recommendation from one core academic 8th grade teacher and one other special content subject area teacher

  • Positive academic standing in all core subjects 

  • Formal Application Process Including
    2 Open Ended Responses, which answer the following:

    • Write a brief autobiographical sketch that includes your personal background, interests, and future goals. Relate this to why you would like to be part of the Communications Academy.

    • Discuss an aspect idea from the worlds of communications and production you find fascinating. You can choose the topic as general as the whole discipline or as specific as a particular technology, skill, or career choice. Why does it intrigue you?

Who is responsible for each part of the application?

There are three parts: the student application, the parent application, and the teacher applications

  • Student Application must be completed by the student wishing to be enrolled in the Communications Academy. 


  • Teacher Applications: once the student completes the Student Application, a ticket will be sent to the recommending teacher via e-mail. 

  • An academic review of the applicant's grades, attendance, and behavior record is reviewed by the Communications Academy staff and Administrators


Frequently Asked Questions

What types of software will we be using?
The main software that the academy uses for editing and production is Adobe Premiere.  This program is used by television studios and offers the highest quality editing.  Students will also use Adobe AfterEffects and Photoshop.  Students will also use Garage Band for podcasting and other audio needs.

Will I be able to work on my own personal projects?
Of course!  The academy encourages independence and will allow students the opportunity for individual work.  Also, the students in the academy are encouraged to join the Media Club where each student is free to edit and create at their will.

Will I have an opportunity to take other classes besides the Communication Academy?
Of course!  Each student will have the opportunity to take electives and classes offered within our school.   On top of the required courses, the Communications Academy courses will fill elective slots in the student schedule.  As the student progresses through the coursework and more elective slots are offered, the student can fill the classes with desired courses outside of the academy.

What will I be filming/editing during the internship?
In addition to events after school, they will be filming events on locations at other schools and in the township and their programs will air on Channel 97. The students will compile school-based events and develop a video yearbook for the high school.  

What course will the dual credit cover in the Stockton program of studies?
The dual credit program has the students complete the requirements listed in the syllabus of Stockton University’s "Writing for the Media" and "Techniques of Film & Video Production." As members of the academy, students are eligible to earn 8 total Stockton credits, in addition to any they may pursue with their regular course load.

What sort of software or hardware do I need to bring with me to this academy?
We ask that each student brings a 1 TB hard drive (MAC Compatible), a flash drive, and at least (1) 32 gig SD card.  These materials will travel with each student and contain all of the work in the academy.  Everything else is up to the student.

If I have no experience editing or filming, can I still join this academy?
All that we are asking is that you are motivated and interested!  

Can I join the academy after my freshman year?
Unfortunately, no.  You have to start the academy your freshman year in order to meet the requirements. 

What sorts of programs will I be producing?
Personal podcasts, radio shows, YouTube content, newsreels, television shows, short films, documentaries, etc!  If you can shoot it and edit it, you will work on it!

How many students are going to be involved in the academy?
Up to 50 students will be accepted per year.  

What type of cameras and equipment?
We use Canon HD cameras and DSLRs for filming on location, and we have professional-grade studio cameras and Blackmagic decks. Students are also encouraged to bring in their own equipment. We also use Apple iMacs to run our production software.

What if I do not plan on going into the communications field, what are the benefits of this academy?
There are many benefits to joining this academy.  Students will leave this program with advanced technical skills, public speaking skills, research skills, informative and creative writing skills.  It will also encourage group collaboration and encourage individual creativity.

Is this program weighted?
Each course is a college-prep level course. Students will take Honors level courses their Senior year. Students will also receive practical arts credit for the internship course. Students are also eligible to apply for dual-credit college courses with ACCC and Stockton University.
Besides technical skills, what other skills will I be learning?
This academy falls under the English department so there will be a focus on writing and public speaking.  Students will also be collaborating and working as a team (cohort) for the entire academy.

What are some benefits of being in an academy?
Like a college major, what the academy does is make the large school smaller.  The students will become familiar with working with each other, as well as the adults in the program.  Each year the students will get to collaborate and grow with their peers in a way that a regular education course-load could not replicate.