ITS News



Summer imaging was completed on time, as well as upgrades of several key lab computers that will allow for the use of more complex programs. 
Additionally, there have been many upgrades to the network infrastructure and very soon the guest access wireless will be upgraded to allow more users and fewer drop-offs. For those of you who don't know how big our network really is, here are some fun facts:

1. EHT Schools covers 60 square miles and every school is interconnected on the network.

2. There are ten school buildings with over 9 thousand combined users.

3. The District has more than five thousand PC's and laptops. This does not include the devices brought in by Students and Faculty.

4. Facts and data are available to students at any time they are using a District machine.



We are Currently working on an update to the older laptops.
This update will take the older laptops, which do not perform well with Windows 7, and change them into web access devices using Chrome Book OS. This is currently in the test phase, and if successful, you may find a new Operating system on the older laptops that utilize the web more proficiently. This will breathe life into the older units and save the School District thousands of dollars.



Summer is approaching fast and it will be time for imaging computers and upgrades to our systems. Computers and monitors should be labeled with room number so they are returned to the correct room. If you are being moved to a new classroom, you may NOT move the computers or printers!!
All laptop carts are to be brought to a central location, such as the Library, so I.T.S. can work on them. Please include the keys for the carts for access.



During the past summer and into this school year we have replaced over 800 End of Life computers throughout the district. This, in and of itself, was one of the largest replacements we have ever had. At the same time we were able to reimage almost all 4000 machines in the district. During this time we have entirely revamped our infrastructure by migrating away from Groupwise, Linux, and Zenworks, and streamlined over to Microsoft Servers, Outlook and in the future we will be opening up access to Google Docs. All of this accomplished by our small staff of ten people.