Dr. Kim Gruccio's message to families and stakeholders regarding March 14th memorial events

  • All Call Message from March 12, 2018 (as stated below)

    "This is Dr. Kim Gruccio, Superintendent of Egg Harbor Township School District. I am contacting you regarding the recent National Movement for a student walkout on March 14, 2018. As a school district, we are not supporting or endorsing any walk-out position or viewpoint. We have taken this opportunity to work collaboratively with our students to plan age appropriate school wide events from Grade Four to Grade 12 to remember the 17 victims at Stoneman Douglas High School. Letters and information about your child's specific school events will be provided by building principal posted in the Parent Portal as well on your child’s school web page. If you have any question or concern please contact your building principal or my office. Thank you."

Dr. Kim Gruccio and introduces Director of Security for EHT Schools, Mr. Dave Druding

Additional Communications

  • All Call Message from February 28, 2018 (as stated below)

    "This is Dr. Kimberly Gruccio, Superintendent of Schools. Early this morning our Administration and local police department investigated a school safety social media rumor at the High School. That rumor was unsubstantiated. Please be assured that at no time were students in actual danger and the investigation found no cause for alarm.

    "I want to take this opportunity to follow up on my previous communication regarding school safety. As you can imagine in this time of heightened sensitivity to school safety my priority is to make sure our students and staff are safe. We are thankful when students, staff and community members share concerns with us about school safety issues, we investigate all concerns and remain in contact with our local Law Enforcement. Please note that I will be notifying you if there is ever a substantial concern about school safety in our district. Remember if you receive an all call from me, please listen as it is important. If you have questions about school security or a rumor you hear, please contact us. I also ask that you talk to your children, and remind them that if they see or hear something to say something, and that we are here for all of them.  Thank you, and a copy of this statement is also available on our website."

  • Parent Letter from February 26, 2018 (PDF link)

  • Video Message from Dr. Charlton, Principal of the High School. Played on Eagle News and at the School Board Meeting on February 20, 2018 (below)