The School District of Egg Harbor Township's

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Selected Videoconferences at our High School

High School Students in the Holocaust Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity class shared presentations with a High School Ethics class in Littleton, New Hampshire.

EHT Contemporary Issues class conducted a debate High School Students in Mr. Marrone's over the Death Penalty with other students from Marlington High School in Ohio.



EHT High School - Careers at NASA

High School Physics classes chat with Astronaut Researchers at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

EHT High School - High School Students participated in a bridged videoconference on Friday along with four other schools from Atlantic County.
A visiting USAF Thunderbird Pilot and his Crew Chief explained their jobs and encouraged the students to study hard, go to college and someday join the Air Force Team.

The Library of Congress Makes a Guest Appearance via Videoconferencing with our High School for a demonstration of their Website Resources.
Click this URL: Library of Congress

Richard Stockton College Professor, Dr. Leo Lieberman, talks candidly with both the New Brunswick High School and Egg Harbor Township students
about the "Language of the Holocaust"

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 for our Link to Egg Harbor Township's - Holocaust: Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity Course Sharing Site 

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Polycom Video Telepresence - Manhattan School of Music

Desktop IP Video Article - H.320 to H.323 Conversion

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Commercial Bridging Services IP & ISDN - AT&T

MCI - WorldCom Bridging Services

AT&T Press Release about IP ISDN Bridging Services

Intel Article on LAN Load Balancing for IP Videoconferencing with ProShare

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