Tips to Promote Reading



       Read to your child.Children who learn to read need to practice this new skill.If they are doing well, nightly home reading is a chance for them to show off.

       Read with your child.Even older children like being read to.

       Expose them to different books.

       If your child has trouble reading, choose stories that they can relate to.Look for familiar stories they can identify with.

       If your child is an impatient reader, choose books that have movement.For example, short chapters or books that have cliff-hangers.

       Remember that opportunities to read are everywhere.You can read street signs, the back of the cereal box or the comics in newspapers.

       Give your child a choice among books.

       Give your child some control over who reads and when. Itís important to support children who decide to take on a longer book.Parents can take turns reading, perhaps alternating paragraphs or pages.

       Visit the library and create one at home.

       Get your child a library card as soon as you can.Make a library visit part of your weekly routine.

       Be a role model.One of the most important things is for children to see their parents enjoying reading.If children see their parents and family reading books, they will learn that reading is important and valuable.

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[1]Borrowed from the American Library Association website






[1]Borrowed from the American Library Association website