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This school year I am teaching French 1, French 4, and AP French.

Grades 9-10-11-12, 5 Credits
Pre-requisite: None
In this introductory course, special attention will be given to establishing correct pronunciation and inflection, vocabulary building, and initiating both reading and oral comprehension. Fluency with simple conversation is stressed coupled with choral repetitions and use of dialogues. The basics of French grammar, elementary written drill and composition are presented. The student is also familiarized with specific elements of French culture, geography and history.

Grades 11-12
Pre-requisite: French III , 5 Credits
In the fourth year of French, the student will become more deeply immersed in the study of the language. Students will be required to converse for longer periods of time in French and to write more extended compositions on both assigned and selected topics. Idioms, pronouns and verb tenses will receive greater grammatical emphasis. A survey of French literature, French poetry, and excerpts of great writers and thinkers will be explored. An overview of French Art is included in this course.

Grade 12 5 Credits
Pre-requisite: French IV
This course continues the development of the major skills of language learning: listening comprehension, speaking, grammar, reading, writing and culture. To achieve greater mastery, training and practice are given in the transference of thought, both written and oral, through an understanding and use of idiomatic French. Original interpretation and a deeper understanding of the material studied will be expected. The culture and civilization of France receive special attention through extensive discussion as well as a survey of French history.

French Language Teacher
Egg Harbor Township High School: Room M102-D205-D201-B201
(609)653-0100 ext:5694

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