Students are to research their assigned Famous Latino. Using the information collected through research students can create an, advertisement, wanted poster, oral report, t-shirt...etc.

Information to include(but not limited to) in your project:

1. Birth name

2. Name they are known by as a celebrity

3. Accomplishments (What are they famous for?).

4. Did the person have to overcome any hardships (i.e. sickness, poverty, learning disabilities, physical handicaps, etc…)?  Explain.

5. Which country are they from? Or what country is apart of their family ancestry?  Provide a map of the individual’s country with their birthplace labeled and marked with a red star.

6. List some things that surprised you through your research.  If your person is dead, when and how did the person die?

List of famous Latinos

1. César Chavéz

2. Diego Rivera

3. Jaime Escalante

4. Pablo Casals

5. Father Junípero Serra

6. Roberto Goizueta

7. Lourdes Lopez

8. Franklin R. Chang-Diaz

9. Rita Moreno

10. Julia Alvarez

11. Roberto Clemente

12. Edward James Olmos

13. Antonia Novello

14. “Tito” Puente

15. Luis Alvarez

16. Ellen Ochoa

17. El Greco

18. Gigi Fernandez

19. David Farragut

20. Martina Arroyo

21. Pablo Neruda

22. Carolina Herrera

23. Alicia Alonso

24. Benito Juarez

25. Nancy Lopez

26. Severo Ochoa

27. Ilena Ros-Lehtinen

28. Celia Cruz

29. Francisco “Pancho” Villa

30. Miguel de Cervantes Saaverdre

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