Retiree Benefits

Retired Members and SEHBP

The Egg Harbor Township Board of Education is no longer responsible for your health benefits once you’ve retired from the district.  However, as a courtesy to our retired employees, we are sharing information the State has posted concerning your retired benefits.

If you (or anyone on your plan) do not have Medicare, there will be no change to your benefits at this time.  You will however have to make choices when you (or your dependents) are eligible for Medicare.

If you (or anyone on your plan) do have Medicare, the state will automatically change your insurance to Aetna Medicare Advantage PPO ESA 10 (or if you have NJ Direct 15 you will go to Aetna Medicare Advantage PPO ESA 15), effective January 1, 2019.  They indicate the Aetna Medicare Advantage Plan offers similar coverage.   If you do not wish be automatically enrolled in the Aetna Medical Advantage plan you can file an application by November 30, 2018 to switch to another plan.  Listed below are the plans the State is making available to Medicare retirees:

Medicare eligible retirees may choose any of the following plans:

NJ Direct 1525

NJ Direct 2030

Any Horizon HMO plan

Aetna Medicare Advantage PPO ESA 10

Aetna Medicare Advantage PPO ESA 15

Aetna Medicare Advantage HMO

Aetna Medicare Advantage HMO 1525


Click HERE for an application.  

Click here to be able to go to the State website to see the summary of benefits offered.

Please note your spouse or dependents who are not Medicare eligible will go to the plan affiliated with what you choose for yourself.  If you chose NJ Direct 1525, that is where your spouse will go.  If you chose Aetna Medicare Advantage PPO ESA 15, your spouse will go to the Aetna Freedom 15 plan. If you complete an application, you could choose for your spouse to go to the affiliated plan through either Aetna or Horizon (whichever you select).  Please take a close look at the application.

Please read this link for more information:

Retirees may wish to contact the doctors and/or specialists they currently see and see if they accept your choice in coverage.

The State has an open enrollment period each year during the month of October, effective January first.  So if you are not pleased with your selection you can make a change during the open enrollment period.