2017 January through June - Direct 15 Benefit Calculator

2016 July through December - Direct 15 Benefit Calculator

2016 January through June - Direct 10 Benefit Calculator

2016 January through June - Direct 15 Benfit Calculator

Employee Benefits and Pensions
Teacher's Pension and Annuity Fund (TPAF) Pension Information and Handbook-
Public Employees' Retirement System (PERS) Pension Information and Handbook-
Defined Contribution Retirement Program (DCRP) Information
All employees should be registered on the State Pension Member Benefit Online System (MBOS).  You can change your beneficiaries online and access all your pension information.  Also, the only way to obtain a pension loan is through this system.  The state no longer accepts paper pension loan application:  http://www.state.nj.us/treasury/pensions/ 

NJ School Employee's Health Benefits Program (SEHBP) Plan Information: -  http://www.state.nj.us/treasury/pensions/health-benefits.shtml

NJ School Employee's Summary of Benefits and Coverage (Direct 10)
Click Here

NJ School Employee's Summary of Benefits and Coverage (Direct 15)
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Coverage for dependents to age 26-  http://www.state.nj.us/treasury/pensions/hb-age26.shtml
Prescription Insurance/Benecard PBF- https://www.benecardpbf.com/PBF/members.do
Dental Insurance/Delta Dental of NJ Premier Plan- http://www.deltadentalnj.com/
Frequently used pensions and benefits forms:

2012 Medical Plan Designs:  Click Here

Benefits Contribution Information:

Benefit Contributions are mandatory and are to be phased on over a period of four years.  Each year will increase until all employees are paying contributions at the year four level.  Most employees will pay 1.5% of their salary for at least the first year.  The mandate actually reads that we are required to pay either 1.5% of our salary or a percentage of the cost of the benefits based on your salary as per the state chart, whichever is higher.


10/25/2011:  State laws require employees to make a benefit contribution at the expiration of their negotiated contract.  The following groups are currently making benefits contributions:  Bus Drivers, Confidential Employees, Building Custodial Foreperson.  In July of 2012, Principals and Supervisors will be added to those making contributions towards benefits.  Employees that are EHTEA members will not be required to make benefit contributions until July 2013. 


Benefit Contributions Start Date for New Hires (after 6/28/2011)

Employees hired after 6/28/2011 will be placed at the phase-in year with others of the same category if that group's contract that was in effect on 6/28/2011 has not expired.  If the contract in effect on 6/28/2011 has expired, new hires after 6/28/2011 will be placed on full contributions (year 4)


Your contribution towards your benefits may change based on your change in salary, and/or the change in the cost of benefits to the Board.  The medical and prescription rates will change each January first.  If you switch to a High Deductible (HD) plan, you will no longer be able to be enrolled in the district's prescription program through BeneCard.  The HD medical plans include a prescription plan through the state.  There is more information regarding the HD plans on the State's website. 


Benefits Contribution Worksheets

Following is a worksheet that will assist you in calculating what your benefits contribution will be each of the four phase in years.  Note that the tabs at the bottom coordinate with the type of insurance that you have Family, Parent/Child(ren), Husband/Wife(partner) or Single.  These sheets are all geared towards the benefits contribution costs of Horizon Direct 10, which is the plan 99.5% of our employees are currently enrolled in.  Please note that there is a rate sheet (as the last tab within the worksheet) that shows the rates for other medical plans.

2016 July through December - Direct 15 Benefit Calculator

2016 January through June - Direct 10 Benefit Calculator

2016 January through June - Direct 15 Benfit Calculator




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